Fixing stuff around yourself — An act of leadership

How can I become a great leader? I’ve been pondering upon this for a long time without even knowing What actually a Leader is? According to my definition, A leader is someone who leads a team or organization having full authority and power over it. I used to think about changing people’s lives and leaving a great impact on this world and I always used to think that I need a huge pile of money, funds, power, and authority to do so.

Well to some extent it’s true but it’s not always the case. Amal fellowship introduced me to the concept of Responsibility, Being a leader without authority, and how kindness is related to leadership.

Through this, I realized that to change someone’s life or to spread positivity we don’t need authority rather we need to take responsibility. Responsibility means to step up and say It’s on me, I’m taking full responsibility to fix this thing, this matter, or to help someone. And this is an act of leadership because you are leading someone towards positivity. We don’t need to do great things or lead large organizations in order to be a leader. We can practice leadership at any moment of our lives by doing small acts of kindness.

Leadership is to lead someone towards progress, spread positivity, and keep growing through learning from everyday experiences. And we only need kindness, responsibility, and action to do so.
We should always start with fixing the things in our surroundings and helping people around us. So I started it by fixing some things in my surroundings as was mentioned in the activity assigned to us by Amal Academy.

When I was doing this activity I was sitting in the living room. I analyzed my surroundings and found out that the dining table was needed to be fixed. This is the picture of dining table.

So I put all the things to their proper places and cleaned the table before my MOM got to see it. Here is the picture of table after cleaning.

I felt refreshed and energetic after doing this activity. I would’ve still done it because I didn’t wanna be scolded by my MOM. But I wouldn’t have done it at the same time. I might have done it after completing my work. It was just a small act, but it made me realize the importance of being organized. And it showed me that we can fix something with a little effort. We automatically get authority or power over a task when we make up our mind to fix it or take responsibility.

Start fixing little things around you, helping one or two people around you in small tasks, taking responsibility for small things, You’ll surely be able to do great things one day, because the effort may be little, things may be small but the attitude of taking action and doing something for good, will remain same, and this attitude makes you a great leader.

Computer Science student